What is Reality?

Sep 7, 2022 | Encouragement

Reality is what’s going on before it enters our operating system.

What do I mean by “our operating system?”

When a computer is assembled, it’s just hardware before the operating system is installed.

At the moment of birth, we’re just hardware, with a very limited operating system. We had only the most rudimentary programming code. No opinions, only one fear (they say) of falling, and certainly no prejudices. We didn’t care if the person in front of us was black, white, pink, or purple. We had no concept of beauty, and we didn’t care.

We were fascinated by reality. We saw everything through new eyes with no preconceived ideas. Have you ever been in the grocery check-out line with an infant in the cart in front of you? They look at you with curiosity, fascination, and a total lack of self-conciousness. It’s kinda creepy and beautiful at the same time.

We were all like that in the beginning. We saw reality, and we were fascinated and entranced by it. But, then the programmers went to work. Some of us had good ones. Some of us didn’t. But, they all skewed our perception of reality. We were programmed with the language of duality. Everything is categorized, labeled, judged, and accepted or rejected. Either-or, all or nothing thinking.

I was sitting in the airport terminal waiting for my flight. I looked up and saw an old man, walking slowly, bent over, with a can, and disheveled. I thought, “how sad. I hope I never get like that.”

Reality was a person walking in the airport. All the rest I made up.

John Lennon said, “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”

Are you dealing with reality or just making up stuff?

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