Would you post if no one read your posts

Dec 30, 2022 | Blog

I’m suffering from a dopamine addiction. When I don’t get any likes, I experience a form of withdrawal.

I’m asking myself why I’m doing this. “Why” is one of the most powerful words we have. It’s a good idea to assault all of our behaviors with “why.”

I asked my friend, Bill Zaner, who earned his living as a landscape painter for over 70 years, if he would still paint if no one bought his paintings. Without hesitation, he said, “Yes, I don’t paint for you. I paint for me.” If someone buys my painting, it’s a gift.

That helped me dig deeper into why I’m posting. I’m really posting for myself. Writing helps me clarify my thoughts. It helps me challenge my thoughts. Sometimes I look at what I’ve written and say to myself, “that’s BS. I don’t really believe that. I’m writing that to impress people.”

Yes, I would still post if no one reads my posts. If you read it, and like it, it’s a gift and the dopamine is appreciated, but I’ll keep on writing.

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