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pat whitty

Life Transition Coach

Pat Whitty has turned a lifetime of experience, wisdom, and learning into a mission to help others transition into a healthier and happier life as they transition into the second half of their life. His own health, career, and personal challenges have given him a unique understanding of the emotional challenges that we face in midlife and beyond.

His work with the Modern Elder Academy, a mid-life wisdom school with its own unique curriculum for growing whole, not old, has connected him with some of the leading thought leaders in the country on aging and life transitions.

His personal triumph over obesity motivated him to become a health coach, certified by the Center for Obesity Prevention and Education.

A Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and 10 years with Chase Bank as a leadership and training manager showed him the challenges of corporate life.

Pat recently left his position as the Dean of the School of Business at a San Antonio university to pursue a new career as a Health and Life Transition Coach helping people in midlife and beyond triumph over the obstacles in midlife and beyond. As a previous owner of the Dale Carnegie Training franchise for South Texas, he understands the challenges of building an enthusiastic and committed team.

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